The Company

The Company

The popularity of competition dance continues to grow nationally, thanks to the many reality shows that have given it much exposure, and the Hazelwood-Florissant area is no exception. “The Company” is the name for DK Dance Productions’ competitive dance groups. For ages 6-18, the goal of The Company is to improve our dancers’ skills and abilities in a fun, encouraging, and competitive environment. Competition dance increases dance skills, instills the ethics of teamwork and sportsmanship, and builds confidence as dancers learn the art of entertaining a live audience. Dancers in The Company compete in dance competitions in Hazelwood, Florissant, and the Greater St. Louis area.

The Company is composed of these four competitive groups:

  • Stardust (ages 6-9): This is our youngest competition team that focuses on ballet, tap, and jazz, and performs 1-2 routines in each competition.
  • Rising Stars (ages 8-11): This is the next step at DK Dance productions for students interested in competitive dance, as dancers must take required technique classes and learn 2-3 routines per competition.
  • Shining Stars (Ages 10-14): For dancers with 1-2 years of competitive dance experience, this group with focus on technique and showmanship. 
  • Shooting Stars (ages 10-12): For dancers with 2-4 years of competitive dance experience, this troupe develops their skills with additional specialty dance classes.
  • Rock Stars (ages 13-18): The premier competitive company at DK Dance Productions, these dedicated students study refined techniques and train 4-8 hours each week.

The Company Values:

DK Dance Productions founder and owner Darci Ward encourages students to do their best to win, but unlike certain reality shows, our team works to build a winning spirit through positive values: teamwork, good sportsmanship, self-esteem, and confidence.

Teamwork: Dance is a team sport. If the dancers in a troupe do not work together, coordinate their movements, and carefully watch the other dancers, the routine would quickly turn into a disaster. Competitive dance is a great way to improve teamwork, as all routines must be flawlessly mastered individually and coordinated as a unit before they are performed at competition.

Good sportsmanship: We recognize that our dancers won’t always win, and we believe that this is a valuable learning experience, as well. It’s important to learn to treat your competition well, whether it’s a rival dance team or another company member who earned the solo you wanted.

Self-esteem: All too often, young dancers have their self-esteem crushed by instructors or coaches who are needlessly and excessively critical. While we will consistently push our students to improve, we will never do so at the expense of their self-esteem. We create a positive and nurturing environment in all of our classes.
Confidence: Performing on stage in front of an audience is an ultimate confidence builder. Even the most shy dancers love expressing themselves on stage through dance. Confidence gained on the stage will transfer outside of the dance studio into every area of life.

Join The Company

Belonging to The Company is an achievement and a privilege, and auditions are the only way to join The Company. If you don’t make it this year, keep practicing and try again next year! We’re always looking for new talent and hard workers who want to take their dance skills to the next level. For more information about the audition process, visit this page. To learn more about DK Dance Productions, call 314.921.5800 or email

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