As a beginner in ballet, you are probably wondering what it takes to become a ballet dancer. Whether your goal is to actually dance ballet or just learn all about it, here you will find detailed information about one of the most beautiful and graceful of all dance styles. If you've ever seen a live ballet on stage, you are aware of a ballerina's amazing ability to transport an entire audience into another world. Ballet dancers must be highly trained and disciplined, but their hard work and dedication is evident in their ability to glide effortlessly across a stage. Learn all about the fascinating dance genre of ballet. Through ballet, boys and girls learn ballet positions, jumps, turns, and dances. The self-discipline of ballet improves focus and concentration in school and other sports.

What to wear

Probably the most important part of a ballet dancer's equipment is ballet shoes. After several years of proper training, some female ballet dancers wear Pointe shoes to make them appear lighter and more delicate. Ballet dancers wear tights and leotards to class and rehearsals, as tight, form-fitting clothing is best for dancing. Tutus, or ballet skirts, are also an acceptable supplement to the leotard and tights.